Will Shock Chlorination Disinfect Well Water?

There are several bacterial contamination treatment options for well water. One of the most standard, go-to water treatments for well water disinfecting is shock chlorination. Although the common method for well system filtration, it is still quite complex, as there are specific guidelines that must be followed. For this reason, it is important to fully understand the process and post routine maintenance for well water shock chlorination.

Continue reading to learn more about shock chlorination, and how it helps treat well water impurities.

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Using Shock Chlorination for Well Systems

Shock chlorination is simply the process of disinfecting whole house water systems, namely wells, but also cisterns, springs, and similar water systems, using conventional chlorine, or even household bleach.  When applying shock chlorination to your well system, it is critical to adhere to all guidelines for optimal safety and effectiveness. In fact, it is strongly recommended to hire a well water filtration expert for professional assistance. This will ensure that no warranties are accidentally voided, all city and building codes are adhered to, and all bacterial contamination is eliminated.

The Process of Shock Chlorination

The shock chlorination process begins with an assessment. Ask yourself if your well water system needs bacterial decontamination. Most often, homeowners require such treatment after installing a new well, or putting an old well back into service. Other times you might benefit from well water shock chlorination is if your well has odor or slime, your well was just repaired or serviced, your water test results reveal a presence of bacteria, or there was a recent flood surrounding your well for more than 2 days.

Shock Chlorination is Not a Guaranteed Solution

Shock chlorination is not a sure-fire way of eliminating all bacterial contamination in well water. Although generally very effective, you might have to repeat the process a few times, or even enlist the services of a licensed Indianapolis water purification technician. You see, your well water bacteria problem will persist even with shock treatments if you have a related septic tank defect, or your well is not located in the right spot. A loose or missing well cap can also be the culprit behind a reoccurring bacterial problem. In fact, shock chlorination is not recommended for wells that continue to experience bacterial presence. In this case, you would need to hire a well contractor to identify and repair the underlying problem first.

How to Treat Contaminated Well Water in Indianapolis, Indiana

You need an Indianapolis water purification expert to test your water supply and provide the proper remedies and solutions needed to get your property on the right track.

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Indianapolis Water Softening Company 317-749-0949
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