What You Want to Know About Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers

When considering reverse osmosis (RO) filtration for your home or office, your most likely challenge is simply understanding what reverse osmosis technology exactly does. You see, reverse osmosis filtration is a water purification process that eliminate contaminants, impurities, and similar particulates from a property’s drinking water. Such contaminants and particulates include hard minerals, chemicals, and even plastics or parasites.

Continue below to learn how reverse osmosis water filtration systems operate, and where to find trusted RO plumbing services near you.

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

To effectually remove and mitigate contaminants from drinking water, a reverse osmosis system uses a three step process. An RO system looks like three large tube-shaped canisters all connected in a row. One canister is a complex membrane, and the others are standard carbon filters. When a person decides to incorporate a reverse osmosis water filtration system into their home or building, they must contact a licensed plumber to have the water purifier system installed to the property’s main water supply or holding tank. They will affix the RO unit to the water supply tank, and then the 3 step water filtration process can take place.

This first step is known as the pre-filtration stage. In this stage of the RO process, water is sent through the initial canister, which houses a standard carbon filter. What this does is remove all the large debris and contaminants, such as hardened sediment, dissolved solids, and similar deposits. It also removes chlorine.

From there, the RO system initiates an extra force of pressure to push the water into the next canister, which contains the complex membrane mentioned before. This membrane is so intricately woven, only water molecules can pass through. Everything else, including heavy metals, arsenic, lead, and even bacterial molecules and viruses.

In the last step, the water enters the third canister, which, you guessed it, contains another carbon filter. This stage is basically like a white-glove inspection to ensure that all solids, contaminants, and impurities are removed. From this canister, water is sent through the property’s water lines to faucets, fixtures, and appliances.

Additional Benefits of an RO Water Filtration System:

☑ It can remove sodium, and lower the risk of certain health concerns, such as high blood pressure.

☑ It makes water taste better, so you can drink from the tap and save money on bottled products.

☑ Aside from a biannual filter change, they are low maintenance and virtually autonomous.

☑ They are small, so you don’t have to worry about them taking up too much space in your utility room.

Indianapolis Reverse Osmosis Systems and Installation You Can Afford

Call Soft Water by Weilhammer Plumbing at 317-749-0949 for Indianapolis RO water filtration services you can trust. We offer a wide range of soft water and water purification solutions, all at the most competitive prices in town. Our reverse osmosis services and systems will provide the best protection for your drinking water. Contact us today at 317-749-0949 to schedule a water testing appointment, and learn how a reverse osmosis system can change the way you feel about drinking tap water from now on!

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Indianapolis Water Softening Company 317-749-0949
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