What is DI Water?

If you are on the hunt for ways to improve the quality of your home or business’s drinking water, you will eventually come across the term “DI” water; that is, if you haven’t already. Continue reading to learn the meaning behind this common term, as well as, how to learn more about your options for cleaner, healthier tap water.

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De-Ionized Water (DI)

The acronym, “DI”, stands for de-ionized. What is de-ionized water? In simple language, de-ionized water, or high purity DI water, is water with virtually no ions. You see, water purity is defined in terms of resistivity. There are several grades of water purity, including apyrogenic, purified, ultra-pure, high purity, and de-ionized.

As for the top three, ultra-pure water should have a minimum of with 18 megohm-cm , high purity water should have a resistivity of at least 10 megohm-cm , and DI water should have a minimum of 0.05 megohm-cm. So, in the water de-ionization process, most ions are eliminated, thus resulting in water that can approach the ultimate limit for ultra-pure water of 18 megohm-cm resistance. 

Purity Versus pH

The pH value of water is a different type of measurement than water purity. You see, pH measures alkalinity and acidity, which is measured on a scale of zero to fourteen. A pH value of 7 is known “basic”, which is a neutral measurement, and considered “pure” water. Rain generally has a pH value close to this. Numeric values above 7 indicate more alkaline water. Below 7, water is more acidic.

Uses for DI Water

Today, de-ionized water is used as a primary resource for numerous industries, such as the medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electronics manufacturing, food processing, plating, industrial, and car wash industry. In fact, your very own water softener uses a similar ion exchange technology to remove unwanted hard mineral ions from your tap water, such as magnesium, iron, calcium, and more. Talk to a local and trusted Indianapolis soft water company to learn the best options for water purification for your home or office.

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Call Soft Water by Weilhammer Plumbing at 317-749-0949 if you would like to learn how to improve your drinking water on a budget. You have several options for Indianapolis water purification, including reverse osmosis, water filtration, water softening, and more. Our licensed plumbers are soft water professionals who know exactly how to assess your home’s water purification needs. Trust us for honest service at a fair price.

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