How to Test for Hard Water Using a Store Kit

Before learning about hard water test kits, your town’s level of hardness, and hard water removal, you need to know how the level of water hardness is measured. This will give you a better understanding of your hard water test kit results. Hard water is generally measured in grains per gallon, but can also be read in parts per million (ppm) or milligrams of calcium (Ca). The more grains, the harder the water. With a test kit, you can test the level of hardness in your home’s water supply, with little effort and time.

Continue reading to learn more about hard water testing, including how to use a store-bought hard water test kit at home.

Indianapolis Water Softening 317-749-0949
Indianapolis Water Softening 317-749-0949

The Basics of Hard Water Testing

A hard water kit comes with a few different items. This includes items like test strips, water hardness tablets, or a single small glass bottle. With test strips, simply follow the instructions that came along with them and wet the appropriate area. Then match the color on the test strip to the right color square on the color chart it came with.

The particular color your strips reveals indicates a certain degree of water hardness. For tablets, simply follow instructions by filling a glass bottle to the given mark, and then drop the test tablet into the water to see what color it changes to. Then match that color to the chart that came in the kit.

As for the dish soap test, this is a perfect way to test your hard water without a store-bought test kit. Simply find a tall glass cup or bottle, and start dropping drops of standard liquid dish-washing soap one drop at a time, then shake. The more drops it takes to see suds means the harder the water.

Not Into DIY?

If the DIY approach to hard water testing doesn’t appeal to you, you have two alternatives. You can take a sample of your tap water to a local test lab, or you can contact an Indianapolis soft water professional for prompt and affordable assistance. They can give you information for water softener installation information to condition your home’s water supply. You can find great deals on water softeners, and installing one saves loads of money in the long run. Soft water is better for skin, hair, clothes, plumbing, dishes, and more. It also increase home value and enhances a family’s quality of life.

Indianapolis Soft Water Services

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Indianapolis Water Softening Company 317-749-0949
Indianapolis Water Softening Company 317-749-0949
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