How to Eliminate Sulfur Odor in Well Water

Your water should be odorless, tasteless, and colorless. So when run your hot water for a satisfying cup of tea and you instantly smell rotten egg odor, there is definitely something off with your water supply. If your well water smells like rotten eggs, it is a sign of sulfur gas, which produces this tell-tale odor.

Continue reading to learn what options are available to treat sulfur odor in well water, including where to get started.  

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Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (H2S)

That rotten egg odor you smell in your well water is caused by a buildup of sulfur gas, also known as hydrogen sulfide gas (“H2S”). Although sulfide gas is not usually harmful to our health in its typical concentrations in household water, it is highly unpleasant. Not only can sulfur contamination effect the smell and taste of all your water-based food and beverages, it can also change the color.

To make matters worse, the presence of H2S in your well water can corrode plumbing pipes, whether they are iron, brass, steel, copper, or some other alloy. As hydrogen sulfide corrodes these metals, it produces a new substance called ferrous sulfide, also known as “black water.” This is a highly obnoxious wastewater because it discolors and darkens metal utensils and cutlery. It can also negatively affect water softeners, water heaters, and in-house filtration systems. All of these reactions can lead to costly plumbing repairs, replacements, and even complete overhauls in extreme cases.

So what causes this gas production?

The answer is iron and sulfur bacteria. These bacterium are present in your groundwater as a result of decaying plants, rocks, or soil. They feed on sulfur and iron for energy, and as they feed, they chemically change sulfates to hydrogen sulfide gas. It is this bacterial buildup in groundwater that causes well water to have that tale-tell rotten egg smell. Furthermore, if your property’s well was drilled in shale or sandstone, near coal or peat deposits, or in oil fields, it could also be a bigger target for sulfide gas production.

How to Get Rid of Sulfide Gas in Well Water

Your first step in eliminating rotten egg smell in your water and water heater is to test your water supply. This will tell you where the source of the sulfide gas originates from. You can purchase a water testing kit and administer it yourself, but for the most accurate diagnosis, you will need a professional Indianapolis water purification technician to perform the evaluations for you. From there, you can install a Chlorinator device to eliminate the bacteria that is causing the foul odors in your home.

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