How to Drink Rain Water

When it comes to drinking rain water, it is possible to do so safely if you use the right approach. Not only must you gather rain water safely, you must follow a particular process to ensure it is safe to drink. The basic method for preparing rain water for consumption is to boil it, then filter it. Boiling rain water will remove any harmful pathogens, while filtering it will eliminate additional unwanted impurities, such as chemicals, dust, pollen, mold, and other contaminants.

Continue reading to learn some tips about drinking rain water, including a simple method for purifying it for safe consumption.

Indianapolis Water Filtration 317-749-0949

Indianapolis Water Filtration 317-749-0949

First, Gather Your Rain Water.

Do not attempt to drink rain water in an area that is located near power plants, factories, or other air-polluting structures. You do not want to collect rain water that contacts any surface, such as buildings, rocks, power lines, and trees. When collecting rain water for drinking purposes, it is best to collect it directly from the sky into a clean barrel or bucket. Although water can collect things like pollution, pollen, mold, bacteria, dust, and other contaminants, the levels are usually very low and do not adversely affect our health.

It is strongly recommended to use a brand new container that has never served any other purpose, just to ensure purity. According to the CDC, rain barrels do not provide any type of disinfection or filtration, so various additional precautions must be taken to render rain water it safe for consumption. To get started, simply position your collection barrel so that it is not in the way of any structures that it might drip of off.

Let the Water Settle for 1 Hour.

Once you have gathered your rain water in a clean container, allow it to sit undisturbed for at least 1 hour before transferring it to the next step. This will allow the heavy particulates to settle at the bottom, thus easing the total effort to purify the water.

Eliminate the Remaining Impurities.

To eliminate the contaminants that rain water picks up on its way down from the sky, you will need to boil it as thoroughly as possible. First, strain your rain water through a cheese cloth or coffee filter to get rid of large debris.

Next, simply transfer the pre-filtered water into a pot, set it on the stove, and wait for it to come to a rapid boil. Once boiling, allow it to continue for 4 or 5 minutes, and then turn the burner off. Allow the water to cool completely, and then transfer it to a home water filtration pitcher.

Indianapolis Water Filtration Services

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Soft Water Indianapolis 317-749-0949

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