Deciphering the Signs of Poor Water Quality

There are several signs that can indicate a negative change in your property’s water quality or condition. It is up to the homeowner and its residents to identify a problem and take action toward a solution. Although the ordinary home or property owner is not expected to know how to facilitate proper diagnostics on a property’s plumbing and water, they can most certainly learn how to identify these signs that point toward an issue. So, if you notice any unusual differences in your home plumbing or daily activities that surround water-usage, it is highly encouraged to investigate further.

Continue reading to learn what your water is telling you in terms of water quality and condition.

Indianapolis Water Quality Service 317-749-0949
Indianapolis Water Quality Service 317-749-0949

Hard Water

Hard water has a distinct taste and smell. Hard water contains higher traces of iron and mineral ions, like calcium and magnesium. This gives the water a metallic-like taste and rusty smell. These qualities are easy to identify and are among the most common signs of hard water. Don’t drink tap water? In this case, people might notice that their pasta, soup, coffee, or tea tastes funny or irregular. This can also be a principle indication of high mineral content. Outside of the kitchen, hard water’s affects continue. When you see a change in laundry and clothing, hard water may be to blame. Clothes that are being washed in hard water come out dingy and dull. Their colors fade and the integrity of the material is often deteriorated.

You see, the high mineral ion content in hard water doesn’t allow it to lather well. This also causes problems with a home’s plumbing and its fixtures. Ever see that white filmy residue on the edges of faucets and around drains? This is lime scale-buildup caused by mineral deposits in hard water. This is not only unsightly, it can cause problems with a property’s plumbing and pipe works. This lime scale and mineral buildup can clog pipes, reduce water pressure, and deteriorate water heaters. Lime-scale is also the reason skin can feel dry and hair can feel sticky in a home with hard water. Skin, hair, clothing, plumbing, food, drink, and appliances can be affected by poor water conditioning or the presence of hard water.

Smelly Drinking Water

If your tap water has a pond or algae-like smell, it is likely a result of bacteria in the water, such as sulfur bacteria and iron bacteria. Although these bacteria do not necessarily impact our health, it does make water smell funny, especially in hot weather or in circumstances of sitting water. Bacteria is naturally occurring in ground water. Iron bacteria and sulfur bacteria in groundwater rely iron and sulfur to thrive, and chemically change sulfates to produce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. If your property’s well was drilled in shale or sandstone, near coal or peat deposits, or in oil fields, it could also be a bigger target for sulfide gas production. Not only is this gas flammable, it can be harmful in large quantities or extended exposure, making it an urgent matter to resolve. And ultimately, it is what’s causing the odor in your well water.

Indianapolis Water Quality Services

Call Soft Water by Weilhammer Plumbing at 317-749-0949 for Indianapolis water filtration services you can trust. We are highly-trained and licensed plumbers with decades of experience in the soft water industry. We offer a wide range of soft water and water purification solutions, all at the most competitive prices in town.

Indianapolis Water Softening Company 317-749-0949
Indianapolis Water Softening Company 317-749-0949
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