Are There Disadvantages of Reverse Osmosis?

When you want cleaner, tastier, and all around healthier drinking water, a reverse osmosis system is the way to go. They are cost-effective, cost-efficient, and highly effective at removing unwanted particulate matter and impurities in tap water. Best of all, they make food and beverages taste much better. But there are a few common setbacks with reverse osmosis systems. These possible issues are important to know before committing to this type of water purification method.

Continue reading to learn the top 3 potential disadvantages of reverse osmosis, as well as, how to prevent such issues from arising with yours.

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What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a unique water filtration process that removes unwanted contaminants and heavy metals from drinking water. This is facilitated through a reverse osmosis system that is designed to remove sodium, potassium, nitrates, and other dissolved solids from a property’s tap water. This means with a simply touch of a button, anyone in your home or office can instantly have contaminant-free drinking water all year long! And it is an excellent, Eco-friendly alternative to bottled water!

Reverse Osmosis Removes:

    ✓ Dissolved Solids
    ✓ Bacteria
    ✓ Cloudiness
    ✓ Odors
    ✓ Funny Tastes
    ✓ Nitrates
    ✓ Heavy Metals
    ✓ Potassium
    ✓ Sodium
    ✓ Chemicals
    ✓ Carcinogens
    ✓ Lead
    ✓ Radium
    ✓ Fluoride
    ✓ Chlorine
    ✓ Cysts
    ✓ Cryptosporidium
    ✓ Pharmaceuticals
    ✓ Human Waste
    ✓ Sewage Treatment Plant Waste

Possible Disadvantages of Reverse Osmosis:

Filter Replacement – Reverse osmosis systems, although easy to operate and highly effective at what they do, are not entirely maintenance-free. You will be required to implement routine filter changes to ensure your RO unit is operating at optimal capacity.

Clogged Pores – RO systems have small pores that are vulnerable to clogging. However, so long as you properly maintain your reverse osmosis unit, you don’t have to worry about this becoming a problem. Avoid this problem even better by installing a pre-filter, or coupling your RO unit with a whole-house humidifier.

Slow Refills – If you need a lot of water at once, you might have to wait. The RO process takes some time to complete, and for the tank to fill back up.

Indianapolis Reverse Osmosis Service at an Affordable Price

Call Soft Water by Weilhammer Plumbing at 317-749-0949 for Indianapolis reverse osmosis service you can trust. Our reverse osmosis services and systems will provide the best protection for your drinking water, at the most competitive price in Indianapolis. They are easy to install, easy to operate, and come with easy-to-change filters, so the whole family can use them without any problems. Our licensed plumbers are soft water professionals who know exactly how to assess your home’s water purification needs. Count on us for honest service at a fair price.

Indianapolis Water Softening Company 317-749-0949
Indianapolis Water Softening Company 317-749-0949
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