A Kid’s Water Filtration Experiment You Can Do From Home

Water is an essential part of our nutrition from the time we are born to the time we leave this planet. So, it makes perfect sense to instill water education into the minds of our children as young as they can comprehend the information. After all, it is reported by Beverage Marketing that the average American drinks nearly 45 gallons of soda pop per year. That’s approximately 470 cans of pop in one year! Let’s encourage our children at a young age to practice drinking water in place of sugary drinks or beverages with caffeine in them.

A great place to start is by helping them create their very own, homemade water filtration system! Teach them about water treatment and purification by doing this fun, hands-on experiment perfect for kids ages 4 to 14!

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Municipal Water Treatment Process

Most communities source their water from a local river, well, or reservoir. From there, the water is sent to a local water treatment plant where it is sent through a filtration process that eliminates all the sediment via filtering or settling, and bacteria via ultraviolet light and chlorination. After this process of sediment and bacteria removal, the water is clear and free of germs. However, many people prefer to purify their water further through whole-house water filtration or reverse osmosis systems.

Gathering Your Supplies

You can buy all of the following supplies at your local craft store or retailer. Here is what you will need to make your very own water filtration system:

☑ 2 Liter Soda Bottle (Enjoy the soda first! You only need the bottle!)
☑ Rocks
☑ Fine Sand
☑ Coarse Sand
☑ Coffee Filter
☑ Tape
☑ Scissors
☑ Rubber Band
☑ 2 Glasses of Water (One glass with a little dirt in it!)


Using your scissors, cut your 2 liter bottle in half. Wash it thoroughly with clean water. You will need both halves! Be sure your bottle is clean before going onto the next step.

Remove the cap from the top half of the bottle. Place your coffee filter over the bottle opening, then secure it in place using your rubber band and tape. Use your rubber band first, then cover it with tape.

Set the top half of the bottle inside the bottom half, cap down. Begin to fill the top half of the bottle with equal amounts of fine sand, then coarse sand, then rocks.

Take your glass of clean water and pour it into your newly-made water filter. Allow it to seep through all the way. Then pour the water back into the glass. Set it aside.

Take your second glass of water, the one with a little soil in it, and pour it into your filter. Let it soak through all the way, then pour it back into the same glass.


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Indianapolis Water Softening Company 317-749-0949
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